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Traditional Shoyu Ramen (Ready in 2 hours)

This is an authentic Japanese Shoyu Ramen recipe that you can make at home!!

It's relatively easy so good for beginner too!!

The Tare (Flavour base) is compatible with my past ramen recipes, so have a fun with it!!

[Serving] 4

[Prep time] 20-30 mins

[Cook time] 90 mins

[Storage] 2-3 days

[Difficulty] C *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)


-Water 1900ml

-Kombu 16g

-Chicken breast mince 1200g (Quality is important)

-Pork belly 1kg (4-5cm / 1.6-2inch)

-Ginger 5g (as peeled)

-Green onion leaf 40g

(Shoyu Tare) *(In Japan, we pronounce "Sho-yu Dare")

-Water 150ml

-Kombu 4g

-Soy sauce 300ml

-Sugar 15g (1tbsp)

-Mirin 45ml (3tbsp)

-Sake 15ml (1tbsp)

-Garlic 10g (as peeled)

-Ginger 10g (as peeled)

-Green onion 30g

(Flavour oil)

-Decent Neutral oil 100-150g (Make sure it's not old)

-Garlic 30g (as peeled)

-Ginger 5g (as skin-on)

-Green onion 50g


-Nori sheet

-Green onion

(Assemble: 1 serve)

-Ramen Noodle 130g

-Tare 2.5tbsp (37ml)

-Flavour oil 1tbsp (15ml)

-Broth: 300ml


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)


-Water 67.02oz

-Kombu 0.56oz

-Chicken breast mince 2.65lb / 42.33oz (Quality is important)

-Pork belly 2.2lb / 35.27oz (4-5cm / 1.6-2inch)

-Ginger 0.18oz (as peeled)

-Green onion leaf 1.41oz

(Shoyu Tare) *(In Japan, we pronounce "Sho-yu Dare")

-Water 5.29oz

-Kombu 0.14oz

-Soy sauce 10.58oz

-Sugar 0.53oz (1tbsp)

-Mirin 1.59oz (3tbsp)

-Sake 0.53oz (1tbsp)

-Garlic 0.35oz (as peeled)

-Ginger 0.35oz (as peeled)

-Green onion 1.06oz

(Flavour oil)

-Decent Neutral oil 3.53-5.29oz (Make sure it's not old)

-Garlic 1.06oz (as peeled)

-Ginger 0.18oz (as skin-on)

-Green onion 1.76oz


-Nori sheet

-Green onion

(Assemble: 1 serve)

-Ramen Noodle 4.59oz

-Tare 2.5tbsp (1.31oz)

-Flavour oil 1tbsp (0.53oz)

-Broth: 10.58oz


0:00 Prepare Broth & Chashu pork

2:57 Break time

2:59 Shoyu Tare (Soy sauce Seasoning)

3:52 Flavour oil

5:12 Finish Broth & Chashu

7:14 Presentation



[Chapter 1 : Prepare Broth & Chashu pork]

  1. If you can, soak kombu and water from 1 hour or a night before

  2. Poke holes on the pork belly skin

  3. On a pan, pour 2tbsp of neutral oil, and place the pork skin side down

  4. Cook on medium heat, then place a heavy weight on top

  5. Cook until the skin is brown. Flip it, and cook the other side on high heat until brown too

  6. Put the pork in the kombu water, and keep all the fat

  7. Add neutral oil to the pork fat until total of 150g. Set aside

  8. Add chicken mince in the kombu water

  9. Cook on medium heat, and mix until the chicken is completely crumbled

  10. Boil. Give it a occasional stir because chicken is easily stick to the bottom

  11. Once it's boiled, remove kombu. Add ginger and green onion

  12. Adjust the heat until it's lightly simmering

  13. Place a lid, then cook for 40mins

[Chapter 2 : Shoyu Tare]

  1. Crush garlic, thinly slice ginger, roughly tear green onion

  2. Put everything in a pot or pan (I recommend to use non-stick pan because it's easily burnt the edges if you use silver pot)

  3. Once it's boiled, set aside

  4. *You can make this a day before. It develops more flavour

[Chapter 3 : Flavour oil]

  1. Crush garlic, Slice ginger, roughly tear green onion

  2. Put them and the pork oil we kept earlier in a non stick pan (I recommend to use non-stick pan with the same reason as Shoyu Tare)

  3. Cook it on medium heat until sizzling

  4. Once it's sizzling, turn down to low heat

  5. Cook until they completely change the colour

  6. Strain everything, then keep the veggies on a paper towel

  7. Put some salt on the veggies, and you can eat it

  8. Keep the flavour oil in a heat proof bowl or pot until needed

[Chapter 4 : Finish Broth & Chashu]

  1. 40mins after boiling, remove chashu from the broth

  2. Put the chashu in the Shoyu Tare as skin side down

  3. Boil it on medium heat

  4. Once it's boiled, turn down to low heat

  5. Cook 10 mins on both skin and flesh sides (Total 20 mins)

  6. Sometime pour the sauce onto the pork to keep it moist

  7. Meanwhile. strain the broth. Set it aside

  8. Once the pork is cooked, let it rest at least 10 mins

  9. Strain the Shoyu Tare. Set aside

[Chapter 5 : Presentation]

  1. Before assembling, Pour hot water in your bowl to warm up

  2. Prepare the topping. Slice chashu

  3. Pour Shoyu Tare, flavour oil, and hot broth in the bowl. Mix.

  4. Cook the noodle accordingly with the packet instruction

  5. Put the noodle in the bowl

  6. Quickly put the topping, then serve


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