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​Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions in short words.
If you want to know more about the detail please check the "Ingredients" tab.

Q: Why do I use kombu for everything?
A: As a Japanese chef, I want to introduce it to the world. And want to support Japanese Marine products industry. So I want to make my contents as socially meaningful
Q: I can't find Kombu
A: Use Kombu dashi powder or MSG

Q: How much Dashi powder (or MSG) should I use?
A: It depends on the brand. Follow the instruction. If it still doesn't make sense, start from half of the recipe, and add more if you think necessary. 

Q: Can I skip Sake?
A: Yes you can. But you don't need to buy expensive Sake. We use Ryorishu (Cooking sake) which is cheap. Or Rice wine could be an another choice

Q:Can I skip Mirin?
A: You can replace with mixture of water and half amount of sugar.
Q: Can I use different vinegar to replace Rice vinegar?
A: I wouldn't recommend. Different vinegar has totally different flavour.

Q: What's your pan?
It's a brand called "Pro.cooker"

Q: What's the brand of your stove?
A: Campmaster. I found at a discount store ($10)

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