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Chef's labo about the chef

About The Chef

Hi!! My name is Taku!
The creator who does everything about CHEF'S LABO!!
(I mean, everything!) Let me introduce myself!!



I am a Japanese chef who lives in Sydney Australia. I was born in Kyoto Japan, but it's been more than 15 years since I came to this country.  
I am also a dad of 2 girls, and got my daytime job too. So just like every parents, I have very busy everyday.

Since my first channel "CHEF'S LABO [Cook at home like a pro]" became somewhat known, many people call me Chef Labo. But the word "LABO" actually means "laboratory".
I know it's wrong spelling, but "labo" is often used instead of "lab" in Japan.

It's a kind of Japanese English. In Japan, we have many words which sounds or looks like English, but it actually means or spells different. 

But anyway, I don't mind how you call me. As long as you are happy about my contents, I'm good mate!

My philosophy

My cooking style is all about "Be clever and practical".
As a chef, I know how to cook fancy dishes in restaurants with latest equipments. 

But cooking at home is different. Most people don't have the environment like where we cook. But if you have proper knowledge, you can still cook professional level foods at home.
As the evidence, you can see that I'm only using basic cooking tools in the videos. Even my gas stove is a cheap stuff (like $10-15).

I've been investing a lot for my filming stuff and food for developing recipes, but on purposely restricting the cooking equipments that I use.
Because if I only use top quality expensive equipments that many people don't have, it won't be practical as a recipe video for home cooks. 

And expensive cooking stuff are usually huge.. I have no space for those. My wife is already complaining about the space I'm using for my big lights and tripods though..

Anyway, back to the topic.
I often use the techniques from different cuisines that I leant in my career. So my recipes aren't always traditional recipe, but it still scientifically make sense.


Because of that, If you try my recipes, I recommend to follow the recipe exactly.
But you know what? There is no law in cooking. The most important thing is to enjoy it!!  So relax! It doesn't have to be perfect!! Just enjoy cooking!!

If you enjoy cooking, you will naturally keep it going. Then eventually start wondering how to make it better. And then you will start paying attention to the detail. 

​So get inspired with CHEF'S LABO! And learn together!

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