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Easy Rice Cooker Chashu that needs NO Cooking | Japanese Char siu

This video will show you how to cook Chashu pork (Japanese Char siu) with Rice cooker!! I think this is the easiest Chushu recipe on the internet, but still tastes amazing!! Hope you give it a try!!

[Serving] 4-5

[Prep time] 5-10 mins

[Cook time] 45 mins

[Storage] 2-3 days

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Pork shoulder (boneless) 1200g

-Green onion 40g

-Garlic 20g (as peeled)

-Ginger 15g (as peeled)

-Water 300ml

-Kombu 4g (or 2g of MSG)

-Soy sauce 100ml

-Sake 1tbsp (15ml)

-Mirin 1tbsp (15ml)

-Sugar 1tbsp (15g)

-Honey 25g


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Pork shoulder (boneless) 4.23oz (0.26lb)

-Green onion 1.41oz

-Garlic 0.71oz (as peeled)

-Ginger 0.53oz (as peeled)

-Water 10.58oz

-Kombu 0.14oz (or 0.7oz of MSG)

-Soy sauce 3.53oz

-Sake 1tbsp (0.53oz)

-Mirin 1tbsp (0.53oz)

-Sugar 1tbsp (0.53oz)

-Honey 0.88oz


  1. Roughly crush Garlic

  2. Slice ginger thinly, and remove the skin

  3. Roughly break Green onion

  4. Slice the pork into 3-4cm thickness (1.2-1.6 inch).

  5. Put all the ingredients into the rice cooker

  6. Give it a ix and cook on normal white rice mode

  7. Once it's ready, rest and cool for at least 10-15 mins

  8. Serve as it is, or slice into your liking.


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