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Easy Rice Cooker GYUDON that needs NO Cooking

This video will show you how to cook Japanese iconic Beef rice bowl "Gyudon" (also known as Yoshinoya beef bowl) with Rice cooker!! I think this is the easiest Gyudon recipe on the internet, but still tastes amazing!! Hope you give it a try!!

[Serving] 2-3

[Prep time] 5-10 mins

[Cook time] 45 mins

[Storage] 2-3 days

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Thinly sliced Beef (Chuck or Ribeye) 500g

-Onion 2-3 (400g)

-Ginger 15g (as peeled)

-Water 600ml

-Kombu 6g (Or 3g of MSG or Dashi powder)

-Sake 30ml (2tbsp)

-Sugar 10g (2tsp)

-Soy sauce 60ml (4tbsp)


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Thinly sliced Beef (Chuck or Ribeye) 17.64oz (1.1lb)

-Onion 2-3 (14.11oz)

-Ginger 0.53oz (as peeled)

-Water 21.16oz

-Kombu 0.21oz (Or 0.11oz of MSG or Dashi powder)

-Sake 1.06oz (2tbsp)

-Sugar 0.35oz (2tsp)

-Soy sauce 2.12oz (4tbsp)


  1. Slice onion into 2cm (0.8inch) thick

  2. Slice ginger as thin as possible

  3. Put all the ingredients into the rice cooker

  4. Cook on normal white rice mode.

  5. Once it's ready, serve


It's the best to pair with short grain rice (Japanese rice will be perfect)


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