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Being a creator is not easy. 
There are many expenses for equipments and foods. 
Huge consume of time for F
ilming and editing videos, updating website, testing new recipes or new styles.

It's all done by Taku alone.
So if you can support CHEF'S LABO, it really helps to keep it going!!

YouTube Membership

You can directly support me by joining YouTube membership. (Called CHEF'S LABO MUSEUM)

This is a subscription service on YouTube.
And you can join and quit anytime on my first channel "CHEF'S LABO Cook at home like a pro" on YouTube.



This is the name of the membership service.
If you join it, you can watch my very first videos, (and some other videos that didn't go well) (About 30 videos)

It could be quite interesting if you are curious about how I started my channel, and how I grew as a video creator.

And in the description of the first 12 videos, there are side stories.

I wrote about why I started my channel, and how I was feeling when I had less than 100 subscribers, etc.

These side stories are also quite interesting if you are interested in being a SNS creator like me 

You can see the video list from the link on top, or playlist tab on the CHEF'S LABO channel.  And once you joined the membership, the videos will be unlocked.

Even just joining for 1 single month, it still supports me a lot as I constantly spend a lot of money to develop recipes to create my videos.

Again, you can join and quit anytime on my channel or the link below.

You know what? There are many subscription services that is easy join but difficult to find how to quit.  I hate those lol. So I wouldn't do it for people who likes me.

Anyway, thanks for considering!!
I will really appreciate if you support me!! 


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