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Tonkatsu | Japanese pork cutlet

Tonkatsu (とんかつ) is one of the most popular fried food in Japan.

My version is so juicy, and the crunchy coating is truly amazing!!

This is one of the easiest recipe on CHEF'S LABO. So highly recommend for beginners too!!

Tonkatsu | Japanese pork cutlet

[Serving] 2-3 serves

[Prep time] 10-20 mins

[Cook time] 5-10 mins

[Storage] Sauce: 2 weeks in a fridge

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Pork loin 3 x 200g

-Kombu salt 1tsp (6g)

-Sugar 1/2tsp (2.5g)

-Black pepper some

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 50g

-Kombu 4g


-Water 150ml

-Egg 60g (1-2each)

-All purpose flour 90g

(Katsu sauce)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (30ml)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (40g)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (76g)


-All purpose flour

-Panko (Coarse breadcrumb)



[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Pork loin 3 x 0.45lb

-Kombu salt 1tsp (0.2oz)

-Sugar 1/2tsp (0.1oz)

-Black pepper some

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 1.7oz

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.1oz


-Water 5.3oz

-Egg 2.1oz (1-2each)

-All purpose flour 3.15oz

(Katsu sauce)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (0.6oz)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (1.4oz)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (2.7oz)


-All purpose flour

-Panko (Coarse breadcrumb)


[Recipe video]


0:00 Prepare pork

2:21 Tonkatsu sauce

2:46 Batter

3:17 Side vegetable

4:07 Crumb pork

5:02 Fry Tonkatsu



[Chapter1: Prepare pork]

  1. Make a cut in between fat and flesh. It prevent the pork to curl up

  2. Trim the skin if there is

  3. Flatten to 1.5cm (0.6inch)

  4. Mix Kombu salt, sugar, black pepper

  5. Sprinkle on both sides

  6. Leave 10-15mins

[Chapter2: Tonkatsu sauce]

Mix all the ingredients

[Chapter3: Batter]

Mix all the ingredients

[Chapter4: Side vegetable]

  1. Shred cabbage

  2. Soak in water for 1-2mins, strain

[Chapter5: Crumb pork]

Coat the pork with flour, batter, panko

[Chapter6: Fry Tonkatsu]

  1. Heat oil to 180-185℃ (356-365F)

  2. Make sure the pork is around room temperature. Otherwise the inside won't be coked properly

  3. Drop the pork from the front to the back

  4. Cook 4 mins (2mins each sides)

  5. Adjust your heat. Keep the oil around 170-175℃ (338-347F)

*Cook only 1 at a time.

Otherwise the temperature will drop too much.

-Rest vertically for 3-4 mins.

-Cut. Then serve with the sauce or kombu salt!!

[BGM] This is a pre-installed tune in my editing software


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