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Honey Garlic Chicken

This is an another great easy recipe that you can try!!

There is nothing necessary to prepare sauces and sides or anyting!! Pretty straightforward!

It's not a Japanese dish, but quite similar to Teriyaki chicken!! So I strongly recommend to try it!!

Honey Garlic Chicken

[Serving] 2-3 serves

[Prep time] 1 hour (To soak the chicken)

[Cook time] 10mins

[Storage] Best to eat immediately

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Chicken thigh 600g

-Honey 15g

-Garlic 20g (as peeled)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (30ml)


-Water 500ml

-Kombu salt 1tsp (6g)

-Sugar 1tsp (5g)

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 50g

-Kombu 4g


-Black pepper

-Bread flour


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Chicken thigh 1.3lb

-Honey 0.5oz

-Garlic 0.7oz (as peeled)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (1oz)


-Water 17.6oz

-Kombu salt 1tsp (0.2oz)

-Sugar 1tsp (0.2oz)

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 1.7oz

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.1oz


-Black pepper

-Bread flour

[Recipe video]


0:00 Prepare ingredients

2:37 Cooking part



[Chapter1: Prepare ingredients]

  1. Prepare brine (Just mix everything)

  2. Soak chicken for 1hour to 24hour

  3. Strain, pat dry. Sprinkle pepper and bread flour

  4. Leave it skin side up so it won't be soggy

  5. Mince garlic

[Chapter2: Cooking part]

  1. Hot pan. Generous amount vege oil

  2. Medium high heat. Chicken in. Skin side down

  3. Don't overcrowd the pan

  4. Cover with a foil. Leave some space

  5. Cook 4-5 mins until skin looks brown

  6. Strain 2/3 of the oil. add garlic

  7. Make an angle on the pan. low heat

  8. Cook the garlic in the oil until light brow

  9. Keep the heat right under where the garlic is

*(You can keep your pan flat is it's too tricky.

Just keep scraping the garlic to where the heat is)

  1. Turn off the heat. Flip the chicken

  2. Add honey. Low heat again until sizzling

  3. Add soy sauce

  4. Cook for a minute.


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