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Chicken Katsu | Crumbed Chicken Cutlet

Chicken Katsu (チキンカツ) is the chicken version of Tonkatsu (Crumbed Pork cutlet).

Some people prefer this dish rather than Tonkatsu. And they both certainly good!

It's an easy job. Crumb chicken, fry, done.

But like always, there are many tips for you to make a great one!! It doesn't mean that you have to work extra harder!

Chicken Katsu | Crumbed Chicken Cutlet

[Serving] 2-3

[Prep time] 20 mins

[Cook time] 10 mins

[Storage] The sauce: 2 weeks in a fridge

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Chicken thigh 600g

-Kombu salt 1tsp (6g)

-Sugar 1/2tsp (2.5g)

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 50g

-Kombu 4g


-Water 150ml

-Egg 60g (1-2each)

-All purpose flour 90g

(Katsu sauce)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (30ml)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (40g)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (76g)


-Black pepper




[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Chicken thigh 1.3lb

-Kombu salt 1tsp (0.2oz)

-Sugar 1/2tsp (0.1oz)

(Kombu salt)

-Salt 1.7oz

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.1oz


-Water 5.3oz

-Egg 2.1oz (1-2each)

-All purpose flour 3.15oz

(Katsu sauce)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (0.6oz)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (1.4oz)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (2.7oz)


-Black pepper



[Reipe video]


0:00 Prepare chicken

2:08 Crumb

3:31 Tonkatsu sauce

4:02 Side vegetable

4:55 Fry Chicken Katsu



[Chapter1: Prepare chicken]

  1. Trim and butterfly chicken if necesary

  2. Blitz salt and kombu to make kombu salt

  3. Mix it with sugar, and sprinkle to the chicken

[Chapter2: Crumb]

  1. Mix all the stuff for the Batter

  2. Crumb chicken with flour, batter, panko

  3. Leave at room temp for at least 30mins

[Chapter3: Tonkatsu sauce]

Mix everything

[Chapter4: Side Vegetable]

Shred cabbage

[Chapter5: Fry Chicken Katsu]

  1. Heat oil to 185-190℃ (365-374F)

  2. Cook chicken 2.5 mins

  3. Keep the oil around 155-165℃ (311-329F)

  4. Flip, cook 2 mins on the other side

  5. Rest 3 mins, slice.


Q:Can I use pre-made Tonkatsu sauce?

A: Yes. This recipe is made for those who cannot buy it


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