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4 Shin Ramyun Recipes

This post shows you how to make 4 gourmet Shin ramyun arrange recipes.

These recipes are all not too spicy. So if you look for great Shin ramen recipes without too much heat, I hope this will help you!!

[Spicy Chicken Ramen]

[Serving] 1

[Prep time] 10-15 mins

[Cook time] 10-15 mins

[Storage] Eat ASAP

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)

-Garlic 20g

-Green onion 30g

-Chicken thigh 160g

-Salt 1/3tsp (1.6g)


-Any kind of vinegar

-Shin Ramyun 1

-Kombu 2-3g

-Water 550ml


[Chicken Fried rice]

[Serving] 1

[Prep time] 5-10 mins

[Cook time] 10-15 mins

[Storage] Eat ASAP

[Difficulty] D *(A=Hard E=Easy)

-Shin Ramyun cup (68g) 1

-Green onion 50g

-Garlic 15g

-Chicken thigh 120g

-Salt 1/4tsp (1g)

-Egg 2

-Slightly warm rice 170g


[Shin Carbonara]

[Serving] 1

[Prep time] 5-10 mins

[Cook time] 10-15 mins

[Storage] Eat ASAP

[Difficulty] D *(A=Hard E=Easy)

-Sliced bacon 80g

-Sliced onion 1 (170-180g)

-Whipping cream (Pure cream) 150g

-Parmesan 1/2tbsp (5g)

-Egg yolk 1


[Soupless Ramen]

[Serving] 1

[Prep time] 5-10 mins

[Cook time] 10-15 mins

[Storage] Eat ASAP

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)

-Minced garlic 1/2tsp (4g)

-Minced ginger 1/2tsp (4g)

-Toasted sesame seed 1tsp (4g)

-Green onion 20g

-Sliced pork belly 100g

-Fried egg 1


0:00 Spicy chicken Ramen

3:31 Shin Chicken Fried Rice

6:31 Shin Carbonara

8:18 Soupless ramen



[Chapter 1 : Spicy chicken Ramen]

  1. (Optional) Soak kombu and water for 1hr to overnight

  2. Chop green onion and mince garlic

  3. Massage chicken with salt. Leave at room temp

  4. Mix hot water and vinegar in a bowl. Add an egg.

  5. Wrap it, and make holes. Then microwave 40-50sec until the white sets

  6. Chill in cold water to stop from overcooking

  7. The inside of egg should be soft. Set it aside

  8. Put 2tbsp of oil and minced garlic on a cold pan

  9. Cook on low to medium heat until lightly brown

  10. Strain the oil ASAP. Put the garlic on paper towel and add a pinch of salt

  1. Put the garlic oil back to the pan, and place the chicken skin side down

  2. Cook on medium high heat until skin is golden brown

  3. Press it sometimes to keep it flat

  4. Flip it, then turn the heat down to low heat

  5. Add Green onion. Keep some for garnish

  6. Once the green onion is soft, add kombu and water

  7. If your pan is shallow like mine in the video, transfer it into a pot

  8. Add the soup and veg mix. Boil the liquid on medium heat

  9. Add the noodle. Cook until your liking

  10. Put everything in a bowl, and serve

[Chapter 2 : Shin Chicken Fried Rice]

  1. Remove soup mix from Shin ramyun, and put everything else in a thick bag

  2. Smash the noodle with rolling pin (or something heavy) until size of the rice

  3. Put them back into the cup. Add the soup mix

  4. Chop Green onion and keep the stem and leaf seperate

  5. Mince garlic. Whisk 2 eggs with a pinch of salt

  6. Dice chicken. And massage with salt

  7. Add half amount of hot water into the ramen cup

  8. Heat garlic on low to medium heat

  9. Once it's fragrant, add chicken

  10. Turn up to high heat. Keep mixing until the chicken looks white

  11. Add Green onion stem. Cook 10-20sec, then set aside

  12. Heat the pan on high heat. Add 2tbsp of oil

  13. Add the egg, cook 60-70%. Then add slightly warm rice

  14. Keep mixing until it's completely mixed

  15. Give a mix to Shin Ramyun, then add to the rice

  16. Once it's mixed, add the chicken mix and green onion leaf

  17. Give it a mix, then serve

[Chapter 3 : Shin Carbonara]

  1. Slice bacon and onion

  2. Cook on medium heat pan with a pinch of salt (And bit of oil)

  3. Once the onion is softened, add water to scrape the yummy bits on bottom

  4. Once it's all evaporated, add cream

  5. Once it's boiled, add parmesan and soup mix

  6. Give it a mix, then turn off the heat

  7. Cook Ramen noodle and veg mix, and add to the sauce

  8. Mix it, then add egg yolk

  9. Mix again. If the sauce became too thick, add some hot water

  10. Serve with black pepper

[Chapter 4 : Soupless ramen]

  1. Mix garlic, ginger, sesame in a bowl

  2. Chop green onion, and add to the bowl. Keep some leaf for garnish

  3. Sear pork belly on a pan with high heat. Add a pinch of salt and pepper

  4. Once both sides are browned, set it aside

  5. Keep 20g of the fat (Add some neutral oil if there's not enough)

  6. Wipe the pan, and put the fat back into it

  7. Heat the oil until SMOKING HOT

  8. Immediately add the hot oil to the garlic mix

  9. Mix it, then add about 2/3 of the soup mix

  10. Cook the noodle and veg mix. Add 2tbsp of hot water to the spice mix

  11. Once the noodle is cooked, add it to the spice mix

  12. Put everything on a plate. add fried egg on top. Serve


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