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3 Easy One pan Japanese Dinners

This is all about nice and easy!!

These 3 recipes are really simple, and easy to make!! But the taste is amazing!!

And good news is that you only need one pan!! This is great recipes for those who first try the CHEF'S LABO recipe. Let's get into it!!

3 Easy One pan Japanese Dinners

Do I need to buy specific equipments and ingredients to start cooking Japanese foods?

For the equipments, as long as you have a decent knife, pan, pot, and a stove (and oven sometimes), you'll be fine!

Most Japanese foods are simple to cook. And I am trying not to use too many tools or equipments in my recipes. So you don't have to invest a lot in the beginning!

For the ingredients, I strongly suggest to buy:

-Japanese Soy sauce


-Cooking Sake

-Rice vinegar

These 4 ingredients are the most frequently used stuff in Japanese cooking. And I highly recommend to buy Japanese brands. (Check here for the detail)

Once you invested for these, you'll be able to cook most common dishes.

If you think you'll cook Japanese foods very often, then buy:


-Japanese mayonnaise

These will give you more choices!!

Yakitori Don

[Serving] 1

[Prep time] 10mins

[Cook time] 10mins

[Storage] Best to eat on the day

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)

Ginger Pork

[Serving] 2 serves

[Prep time] 10 mins

[Cook time] 20 mins

[Storage] 2days in a fridge

[Difficulty] E *(A=Hard E=Easy)

Japanese Curry

[Serving] 2 serves

[Prep time] 10 mins

[Cook time] 30-35 mins

[Storage] 3days in a fridge

[Difficulty] D *(A=Hard E=Easy)

*(Prep time Doesn't include the time for soaking Kombu)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

[Yakitori Don] (1 serve)

-Chicken thigh 250g

-Sake 1/2tbsp (7.5ml)

-Kombu salt 1/2tsp (2.5g)

-Scallion stem 40g

-Egg yolk (Optional) 1 each


-Soy sauce 1tbsp (15ml)

-Sake 1tbsp (15ml)

-Mirin 1tbsp (15ml)

-Water 1tbsp (15ml)

-Sugar 0.5tbsp (7.5g)

-Corn flour / starch 1/2tsp (1g)

(Kombu salt)

Salt 50g

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 4g


[Ginger pork] (2 serves)

-Sliced pork belly 300g

-Salt 1/2 tsp (3g)

-Corn flour 2tbsp (16g)

-Black pepper some


-Water 180ml

-Kombu 1-2g

-Onion 180-200g

-Apple 140-150g

-Garlic (as peeled) 10g

-Ginger (as peeled) 20g

-Sake 2tbsp (30ml)

-Mirin 2tbsp (30ml)

-Soy sauce 1+2tbsp (45ml)

(You need to add soy sauce in 2 batches)


[Japanese Curry] (2 serves)

-Water 600ml

-Kombu 5g

-Sliced beef (Chuck or short rib) 300g

-Salt 1/4tsp (1.25g)

-Black pepper some

-Onion 400g

-Apple 220g

-Garlic (as peeled) 20g

-Japanese Curry roux 110g

*(Depends on the brand)

[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

[Yakitori Don] (1 serve)

-Chicken thigh 0.55lb

-Sake 1/2tbsp (0.26oz)

-Kombu salt 1/2tsp (0.1oz)

-Scallion stem 1.4oz

-Egg yolk (Optional) 1 each


-Soy sauce 1tbsp (0.5ozl)

-Sake 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Mirin 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Water 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Sugar 0.5tbsp (0.26oz)

-Corn flour / starch 1/2tsp (0.04oz)

(Kombu salt)

-Kombu 0.15oz

-Salt 1.75oz


[Ginger pork] (2 serves)

-Sliced pork belly 0.66lb

-Salt 1/2 tsp (0.1oz )

-Corn flour 2tbsp (0.56oz)

-Black pepper some


-Water 6.3oz

-Kombu 0.04-0.07oz

-Onion 6.3-7oz

-Apple 5-5.3oz

-Garlic (as peeled) 0.35oz

-Ginger (as peeled) 0.7oz

-Sake 2tbsp (1oz)

-Mirin 2tbsp (1oz)

-Soy sauce 1+2 tbsp (1.6oz)

(You need to add soy sauce in 2 batches)


[Japanese Curry] (2 serves)

-Water 21.15oz

-Kombu 0.18oz

-Sliced beef (Chuck or short rib) 0.66lb

-Salt 1/4tsp (0.04oz)

-Black pepper some

-Onion 14.1oz

-Apple 7.75oz

-Garlic (as peeled) 0.7oz

-Japanese Curry roux 3.9oz

*(Depends on the brand)

[Recipe video]


0:00 Yakitori Don

4:29 Ginger pork (Syogayaki)

9:08 Japanese curry



[Chapter 1: Yakitori Don]

  1. Cut scallion stem and chicken into bite size

  2. Add the kombu salt and sake into the chicken. Marinade 5-10 mins.

  3. Mix all the ingredients of the Sauce.

  4. On a hot pan, add some cooking oil. Medium high heat.

  5. Add the scallion with a pinch of salt.

  6. Sear it until both sides are coloured. Set aside.

  7. Heat the same pan on medium high heat. Add more oil if necessary.

  8. Add the chicken skin side down. Sear until the skin is brown.

  9. The skin will release lot of oil. So discard some.

  10. Flip it, the turn down to low heat. Add the sauce and half of the scallion.

  11. Lid on. Steam 2.5 mins.

  12. Serve on rice, add rest of the scallion and egg yolk (or poached egg)

[Chapter 2: Ginger pork (Syogayaki)]

  1. Mix water and kombu for the sauce. Soak 1 hour to overnight (If you use kombu dashi powder, don't need to soak hours)

  2. Slice half of the onion. Finely grate the other half

  3. Finely grate apple, garlic, and ginger too.

  4. Mix with the kombu water, sake, mirin, and 1tbsp of soy sauce.

  5. Massage pork belly with salt and corn flour.

  6. On a hot pan with medium high heat, add cooking oil

  7. Sear pork unit one side is brown. Add black pepper.

  8. Flip it. Then strain the oil

  9. Use the same pan and oil. Heat on medium heat

  10. Add onion and a pinch of salt, Fry few mins.

  11. Once it's slightly soften, add the sauce and the pork.

  12. Boil, then reduce until most liquid is evaporated.

  13. Add 2 tbsp of soy sauce. Once it's mixed, done.

[Chapter 3: Japanse curry]

  1. Soak kombu and water for 1 hour to overnight

  2. Slice onion thinly (against the grain)

  3. Finely grate garlic, chop curry roux

  4. Season the meat with salt and pepper.

  5. Put some oil on a hot pan with medium high heat.

  6. Add onion and a pinch of salt. Stir every 1 min

  7. Once it starts to get colour, stir more often

  8. If it's too hot or getting burn, remove from the heat for few mins.

  9. Once it looks brown, add garlic.

  10. Cook it on medium heat for few mins until the rawness is gone

  11. Add the kombu water, beef. Boil.

  12. Remove some of the scum, then lid on

  13. Cook for 10-15 mins on low heat until the meat is tender

  14. Meanwhile, grate apples

  15. Once the meat is soft, add the apples and the roux

  16. Once everything is mixed, done.


Q: Can I replace the beef with chicken for the curry?

A: Yes you can!! No worries


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-Pre-installed tune (unknown)

-1991 by Ido Maimon

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