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Takoyaki | Grilled Octopus ball

Takoyaki (たこ焼き) is one of the most popular street food in Japan.

When I was a child, I was always asking my parents to buy this when I went to summer festivals. And this is a very common childhood memory if you raised in Japan.

Now this dish is widely served all over the world. And I sophisticated the recipe for home cooks to be able to make a great one at home.

Takoyaki | Grilled Octopus ball

[Serving] 2-3 serves

[Prep time] 20 mins (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 15 mins

[Storage] Sauce: 2 weeks in a fridge

[Difficulty] B *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Octopus 250g

-Green shallot 2 (60-80g)

(Kombu dashi)

-Kombu 3g

-Water 1000ml


-Kombu dashi 1tbsp (15ml)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (30ml)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (40g)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (76g)


-Remaining kombu dashi

-Salt 1/2 tsp (2.5g)

-Bonito flakes 35g

-All purpose flour 170g

-Rice flour 80g

-Egg 2


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Octopus 0.55lb

-Green shallot 2 (2.1-2.8oz)

(Kombu dashi)

-Kombu 0.1oz

-Water 35.2oz


-Kombu dashi 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Soy sauce 2tbsp (1oz)

-Oyster sauce 2tbsp (1.4oz)

-BBQ sauce 4tbsp (2.7oz)


-Remaining kombu dashi

-Salt 1/2 tsp (0,1oz)

-Bonito flakes 1.2oz

-All purpose flour 6oz

-Rice flour 2.8oz

-Egg 2

[Recipe video]


0:00 Prepare Octopus

1:53 Sauce

2:50 Batter

5:47 Filling

6:53 Cook Takoyaki



[Chapter 1: Prepare Octopus]

  1. Freeze and defrost octopus

  2. Massage 10 mins with 1tbsp salt

  3. Rinse well

  4. Cut into chunks

[Chapter 2: Sauce]

  1. Soak kombu and water 1 hour (Best overnight)

  2. Mix everything on the list

[Chapter 3: Batter]

  1. Boil the remaining kombu dashi with 1/2 tsp salt

  2. once boiled, low heat. Cook octopus 2 mins

  3. Strain it, set aside

  4. Add bonito flakes to the dashi. Infuse 10-15 mins

  5. Strain. Add the remaining ingredients

[Chapter4: Filling]

  1. Chop green shallots

  2. Cut the octopus into small pieces

[Chapter5: Cook Takoyaki]

  1. Cold pan. Generous vege oil. Medium high heat.

  2. Drop some batter. If it sizzles, it's ready.

  3. Pour as much batter as you can

  4. Add octopus and shallot. Cook few mins

  5. Turn down to medium heat.

  6. Turn Takoyaki (follow video instruction)

  7. Once all the surface get coloured, still cook further 3-4 mins until the octopus is moist.

  8. Serve with the sauce and bonito flakes


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