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Beef Stew | Japanese style

Japanese beef stew (ビーフシチュー) is very similar to western ones. But we pour some fresh cream on top just before eating. It adds extra layer of umami, and that's something unique about this dish.

We have many Japanese foods with western influence which is called "yōshoku".

And this is one of it.

Beef Stew | Japanese style

What is Yoshoku?

The Dishes which came from western countries, but customised in Japan to adapt the local taste and ingredients. Some dishes came from different part of the world, but sometimes they are also recognised as Yoshoku.

Some of Japanese people (like my mum..), Yoshoku means "The dishes which came from overseas". But again, this understanding is only for few people. Just for your information.

[Serving] 4

[Prep time] 15 mins (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 2hours

[Storage] 3-4 days in a fridge

[Difficulty] B *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Beef Chuck 1000g

-Salt 12g

-Beef fat 40 g (You can skip it)

-Water 400ml

-Kombu (Dry kelp) 6g

-Onion 700g

-Mushroom 330g

-Tomato 180g

-Garlic 40g (as peeled)

-Carrot 200g

-Broccoli About 1/2 each

-Red wine 600ml

-Butter 50g

-Bread flour some

-Black pepper some

-Worcestershire sauce 15ml (1tbsp)

-Honey 40g

-Pure cream (For topping at the end) some


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Beef Chuck 2.2lbs

-Salt 0.4oz

-Beef fat 1.4oz (You can skip it)

-Water 14.1oz

-Kombu (Dry kelp) 0.2oz

-Onion 24.7oz

-Mushroom 11.6oz

-Tomato 6.3oz

-Garlic 1.4oz (as peeled)

-Carrot 7oz

-Broccoli About 1/2 each

-Red wine 21.1oz

-Butter 1.7oz

-Bread flour some

-Black pepper some

-Worcestershire sauce 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Honey 1.7oz

-Pure cream (For topping at the end) some

[Recipe Video]


0:00 Prepare ingredients

2:58 Beef oil

3:49 Sear beef

6:34 Cook mushroom

7:56 Caramelized onion

9:34 Slow cook



[Chapter 1: Prepare Ingredients]

  1. Cut the beef in large chunks.

  2. Massage with 12g salt. Leave 30 mins.

  3. Mix water and kombu. Leave for 30 mins

  4. Finely dice beef fat.

  5. Cut mushroom in 1/4

  6. Dice tomato into small chunks.

  7. Crush and mince garlic.

  8. Slice onion (Cut across the grain. It cooks faster)

[Chapter 2: Beef oil] (You can skip it)

  1. Put the beef fat on a cold pan with bit of oil and salt. Medium heat.

  2. Once the fat sizzles, turn the heat to low. Cook until brown.

  3. Turn and cook the other side too, then strain immediately

*You can skip this chapter if you cannot get beef fat

[Chapter 3: Sear Beef]

  1. Boil red wine for 30 sec. Burn off the alcohol.

  2. Mix some bread flour and black pepper. Set aside.

  3. Set up Hot pan. Pour some beef oil. High heat.

  4. Coat the beef with the flour mixture.

  5. Cook the beef on the hot pan until brown on both side.

  6. Put the beef into a large pot.

  7. Splash some water on the pan to wash off the yummy bits.

  8. Then add it to the pot.

  9. Also add the kombu water, Worcestershire sauce, and honey.

  10. Bring to boil on low to medium heat.

[Tip] Bread flour makes deeper crust than other flour does.

It's a big part of the flavour.

[Chapter 4: Cook mushroom]

  1. Melt butter in medium heat. Then add the mushroom.

  2. Coat the mushroom with butter. Add more oil if it looks dry.

  3. Pinch of salt. Cook on high heat to get colour. *Do not touch until coloured.

  4. When it's brown, turn or shake the pan. get colour on the other side.

  5. Once it's coloured, leave on a plate.

[Tip] Be generous with the oil. If it's too less, it won't colour nicely.

[Chapter 5: Caramelized onion]

  1. Put the pan you used for mushroom. Low heat.

  2. Add the garlic. Cook until it smells aromatic.

  3. Add onion. Generous pinch of salt. Cook for 15-20 mins with occasional stir.

  4. Once it's caramelized, add tomato. Cook 3-4 minutes until soft.

[Tips] If you think the onion is getting burn, remove from heat for few minutes.

Once it's cool down, go back onto the heat.

[Chapter 6: Slow cook]

  1. Once the pot is boiling, take off some scum. Doesn't need to be too precise.

  2. Add everything you prepared.

  3. Lid on. Leave on simmer or cook in an oven at 160 ℃ (320°F).

  4. Once it's cooked, check taste. Adjust with salt if necessary.

  5. Plate with your favourite veggies.

  6. Pour some cream on top, and serve.

[Tip] Cooking time is depends on how long you have been already boiling the meat. But 1.5-2 hours in total is usually the way. Just check your meat occasionally.


Q: Can I skip Red wine? Or any alternative???

A: Unfortunately, there is no alternative. You can skip it, but it'll be more like a rustic casserole


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