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Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon (照り焼きサーモン) is a great way of enjoying salmon.

Especially this Teriyaki sauce is such a masterpiece!

Once you made this sauce, it last for 2 weeks! And you can use it for different things to add Teriyaki flavour!

Teriyaki Salmon

[Serving] 2 serves

[Prep time] 60 mins

[Cook time] 20 mins

[Storage] Sauce: 2 weeks in a fridge

[Difficulty] D *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Salmon 360g

-Kombu salt 1/2tsp (3.5g)

(Kombu salt)

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 4g

-Salt 50g

(Teriyaki sauce)

-Kombu 2g

-Water 50ml

-Mirin 120ml

-Sugar 1tsp (5g)

-Sake 2tbsp (30ml)

-Corn flour 1.5tsp (4g)

-Water 1tbsp (15ml)

-Soy sauce 5tbsp (75ml)

-Bonito flakes 5g


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Salmon 0.8lb

-Kombu salt 1/2tsp (0.12oz)

(Kombu salt)

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.14oz

-Salt 1.8oz

(Teriyaki sauce)

-Kombu 0.07oz

-Water 1.7oz

-Mirin 4.2oz

-Sugar 1tsp (0.2oz)

-Sake 2tbsp (1oz)

-Corn flour 1.5tsp (0.14oz)

-Water 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Soy sauce 5tbsp (2.6oz)

-Bonito flakes 0.2oz

[Recipe video]


0:00 Teriyaki sauce

2:23 Prepare salmon

4:07 Cook salmon



[Chapter 1: Teriyaki sauce]

  1. Soak kombu and water for 1hour to overnight

  2. Boil it for 30 sec with Mirin, Sugar, Sake. Medium heat

  3. Mix corn flour and water, then add to the pot

  4. Boil 10-20 sec, then gas off

  5. Add soy sauce and Bonito. Infuse 10-15 mins

  6. Strain. You can store in a fridge for a week

[Chapter 2: Prepare salmon]

  1. Blitz kombu and sugar to make Kombu salt

  2. Take the fat off from the salmon belly

  3. Sprinkle kombu salt (1% of the weight)

  4. Less salt on the skin, more on the flesh

  5. Leave 30-40 mins at room temp

[Chapter 3: Cook salmon]

  1. Cold pan. Wipe with oil. Place a baking paper

  2. Bit more oil on it, then place the salmon

  3. Cook slowly with medium heat (7-8 mins)

  4. Wipe some fat during cooking. But leave some

  5. Once the skin looks good, turn the salmon

  6. Cook on low heat for 1-2 mins

  7. The colour of the thickest part is how it's done for the moment. Cook till your liking

  8. Take the salmon out

  9. Wipe the pan. Reheat the sauce

  10. Put the salmon back on

  11. Gas off. reheat the salmon


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