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Japanese Beef Stew [Improved Version]

Japanese beef stew (ビーフシチュー) is very similar to western ones. But we pour some fresh cream on top just before eating. It adds extra layer of umami, and that's something unique about this dish.

We have many Japanese foods with western influence which is called "yōshoku".

And this is one of it.

I have a recipe already, but this is a improved version.

So please have a try!!

What is Yoshoku?

The Dishes which came from western countries, but customised in Japan to adapt the local taste and ingredients. Some dishes came from different part of the world, but sometimes they are also recognised as Yoshoku.

Some of Japanese people (like my mum..), Yoshoku means "The dishes which came from overseas". But again, this understanding is only for few people. Just for your information.

[Serving] 4-5

[Prep time] 20 mins (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 2 hours

[Storage] 3-4 days in a fridge

[Difficulty] C *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Red wine 750ml

-Sugar 15g (1tbsp)

-Water 400ml

-Kombu (Dry kelp) 6g

-Beef Chuck 1000g

-Salt 12g

-Onion 750g (as peeled)

-Mushroom 360g

-Tomato 180g

-Garlic 40g (as peeled)

-Carrot 200g

-Broccoli About 1/2 each

-Butter 40g

-Bread flour some

-Black pepper some

-All purpose flour 30g (3tbsp)

-Worcestershire sauce 15ml (1tbsp)

-Honey 40g

-Pure cream (For topping at the end) some


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Red wine 26.5oz

-Sugar 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Water 14.1oz

-Kombu (Dry kelp) 0.2oz

-Beef Chuck 2.2lbs

-Salt 0.4oz

-Onion 26.5oz

-Mushroom 12.7oz

-Tomato 6.3oz

-Garlic 1.4oz (as peeled)

-Carrot 7oz

-Broccoli About 1/2 each

-Butter 1.5oz

-Bread flour some

-Black pepper some

-All purpose flour 1oz (3tbsp)

-Worcestershire sauce 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Honey 1.7oz

-Pure cream (For topping at the end) some

[Recipe Video]


0:00 Boil Red wine

1:15 Prepare ingredients

2:58 Prepare Garnish

4:29 Cook Beef

6:16 Start slow cooking

6:54 Mushroom

8:16 Caramelised onion

10:24 Final adjustment

11:27 Tips for presentation


[Chapter 1: Boil Red wine]

  1. Boil red wine and sugar for 30 sec to burn off the alcohol.

  2. Keep 1/3 aside, reduce the rest.

  3. Once you can see your face on the surface, it's reduced enough.

  4. Keep the reduced wine seperately

*If you don't like the flavour of red wine (Or serving for kids), skip the reducing process. Just boil it for 30 seconds, and set it aside.

[Chapter 2: Prepare Ingredients]

  1. Soak water and kombu for 1 hour to overnight (If you use MSG, skip the soaking process)

  2. Cut the beef into large chunks

  3. Season it with salt, set it aside.

  4. Scale and chop onions.

  5. Cut mushroom into large chunks.

  6. Chop tomatoes as small dice as possible.

  7. Grate Garlic.

[Chapter 2: Prepare Garnish]

  1. Cut carrot as "Rangiri".

  2. Mix it with some salt and water.

  3. Wrap it. Microwave 3-4 mins until cooked.

  4. Chill in iced water. Strain, set it aside.

  5. Cut broccoli and its stems.

  6. Do the same thing as carrot.

[Chapter 2: Cook Beef]

  1. Mix some bread flour (or all purpose flour) and black pepper.

  2. Preheat your pan on high heat with generous amount of vege oil.

  3. Coat the beef with the flour mix, then Cook on the pan.

  4. Cook until both sides are brown, then add to a pot.

  5. Do the same thing until finish all the meat, or use multiple pans.

  6. Splash the pan with some water, scrape all the yummy bits.

  7. Add it to the pot too.

[Chapter 2: Start slow cooking]

  1. Add the Kombu *Dashi (*Stock in Japanese), worcestershire, honey. Boiled red wine (The one only boiled for 30 seconds).

  2. If the meat wasn't covered with the liquid, add some more water.

  3. Boil it, then remove some scum, then put a lid on.

  4. From this point, slow cook for 1.5 hour. If you like the meat to have texture like steaks, cook 1hour. (If you cook in an oven, cook at 150℃ (302°F).

[Chapter 2: Mushroom]

  1. Use the same pan. High heat with some vege oil and butter.

  2. Once the butter stopped bubbling, add the mushrooms.

  3. Add some salt and pepper, give it a mix, then don't touch.

  4. Once it's coloured, flip it, do the same thing on the other side.

  5. Add it to the pot.

  6. Pour some of the liquid in the pot to the pan, scrape the yummy bits, then add it to the pot.

[Chapter 2: Caramelised onion]

  1. Use the same pan. High heat with some vege oil.

  2. Once it's hot, add the onion and big pinch of salt.

  3. Stir every 1 mins.

  4. Once it starts changing colour, turn down to medium high heat.

  5. When it's almost caramelised, turn down to medium heat, add garlic.

  6. Cook few mins. Once the raw smell of the garlic is gone, add tomatoes.

  7. Once the tomatoes becomes mushy, add app purpose flour.

  8. Cook on low heat for few mins. Then add it to the pot.

  9. Do the same as mushroom. Use the pot liquid, scrape the pan.

  10. From this point, stir every 5mins. Keep it on low heat.

[Chapter 2: Final adjustment]

  1. 1 or 1.5 hours later, Add the reduced red wine.

  2. Mix it, and check the meat and taste. adjust with salt and pepper.

[Chapter 2: Tips for presentations]

  1. Try to make it look high. And Don't put too much liquid.

  2. Keep all the meat and mushroom on the centre.

  3. Scatted around the carrot and broccoli. Don't place evenly. Make it uneven and asymmetric

  4. Pour some pure cream, and done mate!!


Q: Can I skip Red wine? Or any alternative???

A: Unfortunately, there is no alternative. You can skip it, but it'll be more like a rustic casserole

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