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Japanese Ginger Pork | Syogayaki

Ginger pork (生姜焼き) is one of the most popular dish in Japan.

It's not quite popular in overseas yet, but this dish is definetely one of the everyone's favourite!!

My version uses thin slices of pork belly to make nice soft texture which entangled with sauce very well.

Japanese Ginger Pork | Syogayaki

Why this dish is so popular in Japan?

Sliced pork (It's often sold as offcuts of a particular part) is pretty cheap in Japan.

So dishes like Syogayaki is quite friendly for the budget. But it taste like million bucks! Maybe that's why we love it so much!

If you go to a casual lunch dining in Japan, you will definitely see this dish on the menu, along with the popular dishes in overseas like Karaage, Tonkatsu, etc.

It's one of our best comfort food. If you visit Japan, and wants to know the true local's favourite, this dish is one of the "Must have"!

[Serving] 2-3

[Prep time] 15 mins (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 20mins

[Storage] Best to eat on the days

[Difficulty] D *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Sliced pork belly 300g

-Salt 3g (1/2 tsp)

-Corn flour 16g (2tbsp)


-Water 180ml

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 1-2g

-Onion 1 (180-200g)

-Apple 1 (140-150g)

-Garlic 2 pieces (10g)

-Ginger (as peeled) 20g

-Sake 30ml (2tbsp)

-Mirin 30ml (2tbsp)

-Sugar 5g (1tsp)

-Soy sauce 45ml (3tbsp)


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Sliced pork belly 0.66lb

-Salt 0.1oz (1/2 tsp)

-Corn flour 0.56oz (2tbsp)


-Water 6.3oz

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.04-0.07oz

-Onion 1 (6.3-7oz)

-Apple 1 (5-5.3oz)

-Garlic 2 pieces (0.35oz)

-Ginger (as peeled) 0.7oz

-Sake 1oz (2tbsp)

-Mirin 1oz (2tbsp)

-Sugar 0.2oz (1tsp)

-Soy sauce 1.6oz (3tbsp)

[Recipe video]


0:00 Prepare the sauce

1:53 Prepare pork

2:49 Cooking part 1

3:59 Cooking part 2



[Chapter 1: Prepare the sauce]

  1. Soak kombu and water for 1 hour (Or can be done a day before)

  2. Slice half of the onion to your favorite thickness

  3. Finely grate the other half onion, apple, ginger, garlic.

  4. Mix with all the stuff in [sauce] section except soy sauce

[Chapter 2: Prepare pork]

  1. Slice into 2 or 3, gently massage with the salt, and coat with corn flour

*Corn flour keep the moisture in the meat, and makes it tender.

[Chapter 3: Cooking part 1/2]

  1. Hot pan, vege oil, high heat. Sear the pork just for 1 side.

  2. Once coloured, gas off. Take it out on the plate.

[Chapter 4: Cooking part 2/2]

  1. Wipe some of the oil left on the pan. Then medium heat. Cook onion.

  2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt. Cook until slightly soften.

  3. If you want the onion to have some texture left, take out on a plate. (Put back when you add soy sauce later) Otherwise pour the sauce on the pan.

  4. Boil for 30 sec to burn off the alcohol. Then add the pork.

  5. Keep on cooking on medium heat until most of the liquid has been evaporated.

  6. Meanwhile, set up plate with shredded cabbage and Japanese mayo.

  7. Add soy sauce to the pan. Gas off once it's mixed. Do not over cook.

  8. Serve while hot, and you're done mate!! Don't forget to serve with steam rice!!


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