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Chicken Ramen

I remember that when I was an apprentice, my boss always cooked Ramen at home, and I was often invited. I was wondering why he makes ramen so often although we worked in a French style restaurant.

It's been more than 10 years since then. He owns 3 ramen shops now. And I understand why he went into it. It's just so much fun!!

When you eat the end product, you will be so impressed!! It's a big job. But well with it!

Chicken Ramen

[Serving] 7-8 serves

[Prep time] 1 hour (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 4 hours

[Storage] 3-4days in a fridge (Broth: 1 month in a freezer)

[Difficulty] A *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

(Broth and Chashu)

-Chicken carcass 3 (1.8kg)

-Chicken feet 1kg

-Pork belly 800g

-Onion 1

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 5g

-Water 1000ml + 2500ml

-Garlic (skin on) 10g

-Ginger (skin on) 10g

-Green shallot leaf 25g

(Flavor base)

-Kombu 2g

-Water 700ml

-Sake 6tbsp (90ml)

-Mirin 4tbsp (60ml)

-Salt (Good quality) 100g

-Soy sauce 4tbsp (60ml)

(Fried onion & Flavour oil)

-Vege oil 300ml

-Onion 1 (180-200g)

-Chicken skin 250g

-Garlic (skin on) 15g

-Ginger (skin on) 10g

-Green shallot leaf 20g


-Egg 6-8 each


-Nori sheet

[The broth and noodle ratio]

-Flavor Base : 2tbsp (30ml)

-Flavor oil: 1tbsp (15ml)

-Broth: 300ml

-Noodle: 130g


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

(Broth and Chashu)

-Chicken carcass 3 (4lb)

-Chicken feet 2.2lb

-Pork belly 1.8lb

-Onion 1

-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.2oz

-Water 35oz + 88oz

-Garlic (skin on) 0,3oz

-Ginger (skin on) 0.3oz

-Green shallot leaf 0.9oz

(Flavor base)

-Kombu 0.1oz

-Water 24.7oz

-Sake 6tbsp (3.2oz)

-Mirin 4tbsp (2.1oz)

-Salt (Good quality) 3.5oz

-Soy sauce 4tbsp (2.1oz)

(Fried onion & Flavour oil)

-Vege oil 10.6oz

-Onion 1 7oz

-Chicken skin 9oz

-Garlic (skin on) 0.5oz

-Ginger (skin on) 0.3oz

-Green shallot leaf 0.7oz


-Egg 6-8 each


-Nori sheet

[The broth and noodle ratio]

-Flavor Base : 2tbsp (1oz)

-Flavor oil: 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Broth: 10.6oz-Noodle: 4.6oz

[Recipe video]


0:00 Prepare the base

0:54 Prepare chicken

2:32 Blanch the bone

3:14 Roll Chashu

4:36 Cook the broth

6:03 Flavour base

6:46 Ramen egg

7:52 Fried onion

9:01 Flavour oil

9:59 Chashu

11:30 Finish Broth



[Chapter1:Prepare the base]

  1. Soak the kombu & water 1000ml for the broth

  2. Soak everything except soy sauce for the Flavor base

  3. Both soak for over night

[Chapter2:Prepare chicken]

  1. Separate and cut the chicken skin

  2. Crack and wash the carcass and the feet

*(Make sure you scrub and sanitize your sink afterwards)

[Chapter3:Blanch the bone]

Boil the carcass and feet 20-30 seconds. Wash again

[Chapter4:Roll Chashu]

  1. Keep the skin separate

  2. Butterfly the belly. Rub 3/4 tsp salt (4g)

  3. Roll accordingly in the video

[Chapter5:Cook the broth]

  1. In a pressure cooker, add Carcass, Feet, Pork, Onion, Kombu water + 2500ml water.

  2. Boil, skim the scum. Lid on with high pressure. High heat

  3. Once it's steaming, low heat for 1 hour

  4. Release the steam. Chill 45 mins

[Chapter6:Flavour base]

  1. Boil the flavor base prep, then low heat for 10 mins

  2. Strain, add the soy sauce

[Chapter7:Ramen egg]

  1. Salt and vinegar in Boiling water, drop the egg

  2. 7 mins with medium heat

  3. Chill completely, then peel

  4. Soak the eggs in the flavor base for 20 mins. then strain

[Chapter8:Fried onion]

  1. Cold pan. Onion and the vege oil. Cook medium heat until light brown

  2. Strain, add pinch of salt

[Chapter9:Flavour oil]

  1. Put back the onion's oil. Add the remaining stuff in (Fried onion & Flavour oil) list

  2. Cook medium heat for 12-15 mins until deep brown, then strain

[Chapter10: Chashu]

  1. Rescue the belly from the broth. Put in a zip lock bag

  2. Fill in the bag with some flavor base. Tight close. Chill 1 hour

  3. Take out the belly. Strain and combine the flavor base with the remaining

(You can chill longer. But make sure strain from the flavor base after 1 hour.

Otherwise It will get too salty)

[Chapter11:Finish Broth]

  1. Wipe the dirt on the edges of the pot

  2. Boil on high heat. Once boiled, add the garlic, ginger, green shallot

  3. Cook on high for 50 mins. Mix every 10 mins

  4. Strain the bones

  5. Serve with the topping and your favourite veggies!


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