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Braised pork belly | Kakuni [Improved version]

Braised pork (角煮) is a classic winter dish in Japan.

It's often served with boiled eggs, and go quite well with rice, or good quality of Sake.

I created a recipe before, but this is a better version.

So please have a try!!

[Serving] 4-5serves

[Prep time] 10 mins (Does not include time to soak Kombu)

[Cook time] 2.5 hours

[Storage] 3-4days in a fridge

[Difficulty] C *(A=Hard E=Easy)


[Ingredients] (GRAM)

-Pork belly (skin on) 1200g

-Onion 2

-Garlic 10g

-Ginger (skin on) 10g

-Egg 5-6

-Any type of vinegar some

(Cooking liquid)

-Water 800ml

-Kombu (dried kelp) 3g

-Sugar 1tbsp (15g)

-Sake 2tbsp (30ml)

-Mirin 2 tbsp (30ml)

-Soy sauce 5 tbsp (75ml)

*Might need to add more soy sauce when you do the tasting


[Ingredients] (OUNCE)

-Pork belly (skin on) 2.65lb

-Onion 2

-Garlic 0.35oz

-Ginger (skin on) 0.35oz

-Egg 5-6

-Any type of vinegar some

(Cooking liquid)

-Water 28.2oz

-Kombu (dried kelp) 0.1oz

-Sugar 1tbsp (0.5oz)

-Sake 2tbsp (1oz)

-Mirin 2 tbsp (1oz)

-Soy sauce 5 tbsp (2.6oz)

*Might need to add more soy sauce when you do the tasting

[Recipe video]


0:00 prepare Ingredients

1:21 Sear Pork

3:38 Slow cook pork

5:23 Break time

5:25 Soft boiled egg

6:55 Marinade pork

8:02 Reheat and presentation



[Chapter 1: prepare Ingredients]

  1. Soak Water and kombu for 1hour to overnight.

  2. Make holes on the pork skin.

  3. Cut the pork into big chunks.

  4. Roughly Chop onion.

  5. Crush garlic. Cut ginger.

[Chapter 2: Sear Pork]

  1. Add some Vege oil on a cold pan. Medium heat. Place the Pork.

  2. Place a baking paper and heavy plate on it. Sear until brown.

  3. Then sear all the other side with high heat.

  4. Put them in a pot skin side down

  5. Splash some water on the pan. Scrape the pan with high heat. Then pour the liquid in the pot

[Chapter 3: Slow cook pork]

  1. Add everything into the pot (except soy sauce, vinegar and eggs)

  2. Boil with a baking paper lid, then simmer for 30 mins.

  3. Remove kombu. Add soy sauce. Lid on. Cook 2 hours on low heat.

(If you use pressure cooker, lid on now. Cook 1 hour)

[Chapter 4: Soft boiled egg]

  1. Prepare Hot water. Add some Vinegar.

  2. Drop eggs very gently (eggs should be cold).

  3. Cook on medium heat for 7 mins.

  4. Drop into ice water. Chill completely, then peel under running water.

[Chapter 5: Marinade pork]

  1. Spike a knife into the pork. If it goes smoothly, the pork is cooked.

  2. Gently move the pork into a different pot or container.

  3. Strain the remaining liquid and vegetables into a sieve.

  4. Combine the pork and the strained liquid.

  5. Once it's cooled, add the egg. Marinade in a fridge overnight.

[Chapter 6: Reheat and presentation]

  1. Discard the fat. Gently reheat with medium heat.

  2. Once the liquid becomes runny, remove eggs.

  3. Reheat the pork until hot, then serve.

[Extra instruction]

In traditional recipes, the pork is pre-boiled, and then cooked with fresh water and the seasonings.

The pre-boiling is for removing the pork smell and fat.

But it loses lot of flavour during the pre-boiling.

In this recipe, we take good time to sear the pork to remove fat and its smell instead of pre-boiling.

That way, we don't have to pre-boil the pork, and we don't lose any of the goodness.

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